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Velocity Stacks

Velocity Stacks
  • Aluminum Linkert Carburetor Cover

    Aluminum Linkert Carburetor Cover

    VT#: 34-1883 Crocker style "Spoon Shaped" bird deflector carburetor cover with smooth alloy finish. Fits Linkert with two bolt mounting. UL 1936-1948...


  • Aluminum Rocket Style Carburetor Cover

    Aluminum Rocket Style Carburetor Cover

    VT#: 34-0443 Rocket style bird deflector carburetor cover has shot peen natural surface and includes 4 screws that are 1-1/4" long. Cover is 3-bolt...


  • Billet Velocity Stack

    Billet Velocity Stack

    VT#: 34-0853 Billet velocity stack includes inverted cone filter element. Custom application


  • Chrome Alloy Velocity Stack

    Chrome Alloy Velocity Stack

    VT#: 34-1102 Chrome 4" alloy velocity stack is for S&S Super "E" and "G" carburetors. Custom application for S&S Super E and G


  • Chrome Velocity Stack Kit

    Chrome Velocity Stack Kit

    VT#: 34-1125 Chrome velocity stack kit includes 2-1/2" chrome stack and chrome support bracket. Kit is without breather kit. FX Super Glide®...

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  • Linkert Air Dam

    Linkert Air Dam

    VT#: 34-1240 Linkert Air Dam bird deflector carburetor cover for left side use is accurately cast from red bronze material. Features two bolt...


  • Linkert Carburetor Cover

    Linkert Carburetor Cover

    VT#: 34-1203 Round Linkert bird deflector carburetor cover features a silver patina finish. Will fit 2-bolt Schebler or 4-bolt Linkert brass...

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  • Linkert Carburetor Cover Finned

    Linkert Carburetor Cover Finned

    VT#: 34-1384 Finned bird deflector carburetor cover is roth style and mounts with two screws to fit 4 bolt Linkert carburetors. FL Electra Glide®...


  • Linkert Carburetor Cover Smooth

    Linkert Carburetor Cover Smooth

    VT#: 34-1381 Snoot style smooth polished bird deflector carburetor cover for four bolt Linkert carburetors. Mounts with two screws. Custom...


  • S&S Super Velocity Stack Kit

    S&S Super Velocity Stack Kit

    VT#: 35-0653 S&S 4" super velocity stack kit includes stack, bracket, and enrichener knob. Stack comes in a natural finish. The bracket connects the...